Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prabalgad & Kalavantin Durg (किल्ले प्रबळगड आणि कलावंतीण दुर्ग)

After a long time, dream come true. Me and Chaitanya decided to go for Prabalgad & Kalavantin durg trek. This trek was on our hit-list for our long time. Chaitanya's brother arranged this trek. He booked 17 sitter bus and we moved saturday night around 11:30 P.M from pune. We reached Panvel near about 2:00 P.M. After that, we proceeded towards Shedung phata. This phata is just ahead of Shedung toll plaza if you come from Pune side. Then we proceeded towards Thakurwadi - A base village of Prabalgad & Kalavantin durg. We slept in Hanuman mandir in Thakurwadi and woke up at 5:30 A.M in morning.

 Then, we started our trek towards Prabal Machi - A base point where one can approach both - Prabalgad & Kalavantin Durg. Our plan was to first go for Kalavantin Durg then Prabalgad. We proceeded towards Prabal Machi. The route up to Prabalmachi is very easy and one can Haaji-Malang range en route.

Just before Prabamachi, one can see idol of Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman carved in wall itself.
 Finally, we reached in Prabal Machi - A small village having 10-15 houses. Food arrangements can be done here. One can hire a guide from here to see various spots on Prabalgad. 

We hired one guide who's name is "Ambho". Then we started for Kalavantin Durg.

Kalavantin Durg is nothing but a watch fort supportive to Prabalgad (Main fort). The Kalavantin durg has series of steps and water cisterns to see.

After crossing series of steps, we reached on small plateau. Still to reach on top we need to climb one final patch which is easy. We climbed that patch and reached on top.

 From top, one can see huge plateau of matheran, haaji-malang range and plateau of prabalgad.

Then we started descending Kalavantin durg. Again we have to reach to prabal machi and then have to move towards Prabalgad. While descending prabalgad, we saw one tunnel which according to local villagers goes till top of Prabalgad. But now it's blocked.

 Soon, we reached Prabalmachi. Without wasting any time, we proceeded towards Prabalgad. Prabalgad ascent starts from the small colony from the right hand side direction of Prabal machi village. 12'o clock sun was literally killing us. We took many stops while ascending. Again while ascending for Prabalgad - we saw similar kind of tunnel that we saw while descending Kalavantin durg. Again this tunnel was also closed.

Soon we reached on top of Prabalgad. Prabalgad top is nothing but a huge plateau covered by dense forest. (Note: One needs to hire a local guide from Prabal machi village. Without guide, one can easily get lost in the forest). Firstly and rightly so, we told our guide to take us towards water source, because many of our group member were dehydrated. On Prabalgad, there are only 2 water sources, one is towards, straight side from the plateau and other is on right hand side of plateau near "Kaala Buruj".We proceeded towards straight side. And soon we reached near water cistern.

We filled our water bottle there and had our dinner, rested for few mins and proceeded further. We saw amazing architecture which holds water and that water flows on series of steps.

 Then we proceeded towards Kalavantin view point, where one can see entire kalavantin durg in one sight. En route we saw one sculpture of aries and water tanks. Also we saw two bastions on eastern side. Simply Amazing!!!!!

Finally, we reached on Kalavantin view point and we clicked lot of photos of Kalavantin durg from there.

 After this, we started descending the Prabalgad. We reached in Prbalmachi and then rested for an hour or so. Then started descending to thakurwadi from Prbal machi by enjoying beautiful sunset.

 Please go through entire photo gallery of this expedition at 



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    To fully explore this area, you will need at least two days. However, many visitors have had some difficulty in finding food and lodging near this village. Some visitors would return home after one day tour and others would spend the night sleeping outdoors on the grass and eating whatever they could bring or manage to obtain. It is also hard for ladies and children to stay here comfortably.

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  5. enjoyed n felt thrilled from ur exploration....

  6. Nice pictures. I really liked your post. Shooting up as an important industrial hub after the establishment of the Bhilai Steel Plant as well, Durg stands as one of the largest cities of the state today. It's also an important pilgrimage centre as it houses the famous Deorbhijia Temple. Check out all best hotels in Durg also.

  7. Hi, how much time it takes to top of kalavantin durg from base ( prabal machi ).

  8. damn beautiful pic bro...keepit up....jai maharashtra

  9. I can see some places we missed in our trek on day before yesterday ( 11.02.2017)
    I think we will have to take guide next time.

  10. Mitra,mala pan tuzya sarkha mountain man banaychay